Bee Sting Emergency 

A 15-year-old Melborne, MA girl suffered a severe reaction to a bee sting Monday, and needed to be carried off the Appalachian Trail.The teen was hiking with a group of 12 people from Gulf Hagas Trail when she suffered the bee sting and broke into severe hives. She was unable to walk, and was in and out of conciousness, according to Game Wardens.Friends gave the teen Benadryl and administered an “Epi shot.”Two friends hiked down the trail, approximately three miles, to the parking lot by Katahdin Iron Works. A “ridge runner,” a woman with the Appalachian Trail Club, gave the pair a ride to where they could get a cell phone signal and call for help.Milo Ambulance, Milo and Brownville fire departments, and volunteers responded.While the teen was carried off the trail, the group experienced a hail storm with hail half the size of golf balls.The teen is being treated at Mayo Hospital in Dover. She is not being identified at this time.Her condition is unknown.