Agriculture Field Day A Big Hit 

The University of Maine cooperative extension service hosted it’s annual Agriculture Field Day on monday. The event is designed to showcase the research being done at Rogers Farm in Orono.That is the University of Maine’s 100-acre research facility located on Bennoch Road.One of the highlights of the day for local farmers who attended was some equipment imported from Finland. It’s been designed specifically for small scale vegetable producers to help cultivate their fields and gardens and local farmers also learned some other new techniques that may help them at their own farms. “Well basically we want people to know,” says Ellen Mallory an agriculture specialist at the farm, “to be aware of what work is being done here and and to come away with new ideas of theirs they might want to try on their own farm or new directions they might take.”UMaine agriculture researchers also presented their field research on vegetables and grains and a myriad of other subjects.