Final Day Of Harness Racing At Bass Park 

Today marked the final day of harness racing at Bass Park for the spring and summer and surprisingly, the season was a success, despite some big obstacles. “It’s gone really well,” says Corey Smith, Director of Raceway Operations, “we’ve had a lot of rain this year but that aside it’s been great racing the tracks been wonderful the races have been great, it’s a nice day today to cap off our season for the summer and spring.”Some of the fans on hand couldn’t help feeling a little emotional. “Sad, I always feel sad on the last day of the year,” said Dolly Sawyer of Bangor who is a regular fixture here at the reacetrack.It seems even a poor economy wasn’t enough to slow down the wagering here. “The wagering is doing really well,” remarks Smith, “our export signal has just gone through the roof, we’re up over 50% over last year, as for export signal that’s just fantastic.”With record setting rainfall totals this season the racers were ecstatic about the track conditions according to Smith. “They rave about the tracks,” he says, “we’ve had a lot of rain this year and the track has held up beautifully so what we did last year for work it’s been great.”As they bid farewell to another season of harness racing, the folks around Bass Park already have their sights set on next year.”More barns,” says Smith, “we’re focusing on the back stretch right now and we’re going to be looking at the race dates for next year coming up in october, so we’ll be getting a new calendar out for next year coming right up.” “We’re looking forward to big crowds, nicer weather, and the success of harness racing in maine,” says Jim Kelley, Vice President of Standard Board Breeders and Owners Association.Now that the season is over, what will some of these harness raicng fans do now to pass the time?”We’ll probably go to hollywood slots!” jokes Sawyer.