Senator Collins and Secretary of Interior Get Boat Tour of Acadia National Park 

Senator Susan Collins and Secretary of Interior Ken Salazar were in Bar Harbor today.Getting a boat tour of Acadia National ParkIt was the first visit to Maine for Secretary SalazarAnd as Meghan Hayward tells us, it probably won’t be his last.” You know I had seen Acadia on a map. Senator Collins had actually talked to me about Acadia before. But I had never contemplated the immenseness of the place, the beauty and the fact that there is more than sixty islands that make up this place.”On Saturday Secretary of Interior Ken Salazar got to see Acadia National Park firsthand.He and Senator Susan Collins got a boat tour of Acadia, which has just recently received more than 8 million dollars in project funds under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act signed by President Obama earlier this year.It’s money Salazar says will benefit the area greatly.” The stimulus money that is being spent here at Acadia is going to create jobs. It’s going to create jobs now and it’s also going to make the investments that will make sure Acadia continues to be the economic engine for this area that it has been in the past.”Salazar says the impact from the money will be seen for years to come.” The improvements that are being made at the environmental school in Schoodic and the other investment in the park will ensure we are creating jobs now as well as protecting the place for future job creation.”Salazar says in such trying economic times he hopes the steps being made will boost everyone’s morale.” I think in these times of economic crisis when we’re facing so many problems internationally. Here at home it’s important for us to refuel the spirit of Americans.”Saturday’s trip to Maine was the first for Secretary Salazar.Senator Collins visited acadia last year.But says its beauty always surprises her.” It’s wonderful to see the progress of Schoodic on the education center which I am particularly interested in.”Senator Collins says she was happy Secretary Salazar accepted her invite and hopes he will return.He says it’s quite likely.” It really is one awesome place for this country and Maine.”