Rockland Named Coast Guard City 

Rockland has received a very special honor, it’s been named a Coast Guard City.There are only 8 cities in the US that have attained that designation, and Rockland is the only one in New England.The Coast Guard Barque Eagle pulled into port today in Rockland as part of a city wide celebration.Many braved the rain in Rockland today to watch the tall ship pull into port.Coast Guard Barque Eagle was built in 1936 as a cadet training ship for the German Navy. The US got the ship as a World War two reparation. It was renamed the Eagle and has served the Coast Guard as a training ship since 1946.Dan Kubasch, a cadet aboard the ship says, “We’ll take a couple of weeks on here and learn the old way of sailing before we move to a modern day coast guard cutter with power.”The cadets learn basic seamanship and nautical skills aboard the Eagle.”It’s certainly a unique experience, something that almost no one sees routinely in their lives.” says Eric Jones, a commanding officer on the Eagle.Today the Eagle was part of Rockland’s celebration. It’s been named a Coast Guard City.Jim McPherson, Sector Commander for Northern New England says, “There’s very few cities that even qualify to be a coast guard city. The celebration really signifies our great connection with the people of Rockland.”The celebration includes a street fair and the city will dedicate a bell outside the Lighthouse Museum to the Coast Guard.Michael Miller, Chairman of Rockland City Coast Guard Committee says “The city has always interacted with the coast guard, ya know, in cities like New York or larger cities, it’s not really a hometown. In Rockland it is a hometown for these guys.””Other bases in the Marine Corps, in the Navy, they’re huge bases that kinda take over the area. We in the coast guard have small bases and all our people are really in the community.” says McPherson.And the folks of Rockland say they’re proud that the Coast Guard will call their city home.