Family-owned Store in Lincoln to Close 

A family-owned business that’s been on Lincoln’s Main Street for more than 50 years is closing its doors for good.The Vose family is packing up their jewelry store…and as Amy Erickson reports, folks in Lincoln say it’s going to leave a big void in the community.”Nothing like a small town. We can give as good services as the others can.”Jim Vose says that service is what’s kept his store in business for 54 years.JK Vose Fine Jewelers has been a fixture on Lincoln’s Main Street for decades. “I just liked gemstones and diamonds mostly.”Vose customers have been loyal for years. “I think they’re so personable, really. They’re just so pleasant, always greet you with a smile, very attentive.””They’re hometown people you’ve known forever and they’re a staple here.””You need anything fixed, you can get it fixed and you know you’ve got someone you can trust.”But next month, the door will close for good.The Vose family has decided it’s time to move on.Daughter Kathy Vose-Wilson, who now runs the store, is ready to take some time for herself…When the “store closing” sign went up, the customers started pouring in, eager for a few last trinkets.”I’m sad, I’m sad.””So you figured you had to buy a few more pieces? I really needed two more rings! I could probably fill one of her showcases now!” “I just don’t know where I’m going to go buy jewelry now.”Although Jim Vose knows the closure is inevitable, he’s sad to be leaving a void in the community. “Right now, it’s almost like you’ve got to go to Bangor to get a watch battery put in. That’s not good.””You come in, we’d do something quickly and you can go, so I don’t know how that’ll work out.”