Weight Watchers: Get Going! 

Making too many changes all at the same time can be overwhelming. That’s why weight loss experts recommend taking small steps to get on the path to take you and keep you at a lighter weight.  If you are overweight and sedentary it’s helpful to make some changes in eating habits first and then when you have gotten some confidence and some weight off, it’s time to get moving more.  Jackie Conn, from Weight Watchers, shares some safe, easy ways to get moving more with a simple, absolutely free activity – WALKING!What to Wear and Bring:Comfortable ClothesLook for fabrics that draw sweat away from the skin. Wear layers, andpeel them off as you warm up.Athletic ShoesFind shoes that aren’t overly snug, because feet swell as you walk.Cushioning under the heel and forefoot are important, as isflexibility, so the ball of your foot can move freely.SocksChoose fibers that evaporate sweat and prevent blisters. Trydouble-layered or padded socks for walks on hard ground.PedometerThis handy device measures steps taken and walking distance.Water BottleDrink before you start and every half hour, more often if you’re sweating.Sun ProtectionWear a hat, plus a layer of waterproof sunscreen with an SPF between 15 and 30.IdentificationBring an ID and a few dollars, in case of an emergency.Portable Music PlayerYour favorite tunes can motivate you to walk a little farther and faster.