Bail Set for Glenburn Man who Swam from Police 

A man from Glenburn who tried to swim away from police in the Penobscot River remains in jail tonight. 20-year-old Allan Burke-Sapiel made his first court appearance Thursday. A judge set bail for him at $500 cash. Police say Burke-Sapiel stole a car on Sixth Street in Bangor early Wednesday morning and took it for a joyride. When officers caught up to him, Burke-Sapiel reportedly abandoned the car and ran away.He made it across the Brewer bridge, but Brewer police officers were waiting on the other side. So, police say, he jumped into the Penobscot River and swam as far as the Penobscot Plaza before surrendering to officers.Burke-Sapiel is charged with receiving stolen property and unauthorized use of a motor vehicle.