A Young Entrepreneur from Bangor Serves up Some Tasty Lemonade 

A young entrepreneur in Bangor is serving up a tasty drink.And as Meghan Hayward tells us, making quite a profit from it.”I first got started with my grandmother. I just asked if I could have a lemonade stand and she said ok and after I got the supplies and all I got started up.”And for the past four years 11-year-old Devin Hathorn has been selling lemonade for 50 cents a cup outside his home in Bangor.It’s become a daily job for Devin.”Monday through Friday I come out here 12 to 4 and Saturday and Sunday I come out 11 to 4.”Devin says he has some repeat customers.”My number one customer is the mail man. He always stops by and buys a lemonade.”So why does Devin spend every day of his summer each year selling lemonade?”Because I’ve just been so successful.”And what’s the most rewarding part of his job?”Seeing that my customers are happy.”So what makes Devin’s lemonade so tasty?”Mostly my secret ingredient.”We tried getting the secret ingredient out of Devin by he just wouldn’t tell.”Sorry, family secret.”Every summer Devin sets a goal of what he would like to buy with the money he earns and this year’s purchase will be.”A Nitendo DS.”Devin says he plans on working his lemonade stand until he turns sixteen. He figures by then he will be able to get a real job.