1 Minute Business Tips – Doing Business Internationally 

Many businesses in Maine are doing business internationally. If you are planning to travel overseas to conduct business there are things you should know and do to insure that your business trip will be a successful one. According to my friends at the Maine International Trade Center here are some things to know before you go First – what is considered appropriate business attire in the country you plan to visit? You don’t want to show up wearing khakis and a shirt in a country where appropriate business attire is a suit and tie. What is considered a proper greeting in the country you will be visiting? Handshakes are universally acceptable but touching is not. While a friendly pat on the back may be acceptable in the US it may be considered a violation of personal space in other countries.Don’t assume or be presumptuous in thinking that everyone speaks English. Take the time to learn some words and phrases in the language of the country you are visiting. Your hosts won’t expect you to master their language but you will win their respect for making the effort.Another great business tip for traveling overseas is to create a business card with your contact information in English on one side and in the language of the country you will be visiting on the other and present the card with the language spoken facing your recipient.For more tips and advice when doing business internationally – contact the Maine International Trade Center at www.mitc.comI’m Deb Neuman for WABI TV 5 News