Facebook Helps To Send Families To Fair Free 

Some local families will be heading to the Bangor State Fair this year absolutely free thanks in part to an unlikely source: Facebook. Organizers of the fair set up a promotion on the popular networking website. For every 40 people who became a fan of the Bangor State Fair on Facebook, one family pass would be donated. It was hard to speculate how many people would become fans of the fair but people’s best guess? “Well as you could probably tell I’m not the expert on Facebook,” says Mike Dyer, Director of the Bangor State Fair, “but people who are, thought that 6,7,maybe 800 may be a very good thing, remember we were only up there for two weeks.”In fact more than 2800 people logged on and became a fan. Now it’s up to the folks at Penquis to figure out who gets 71 family packs or 284 free passes. “Well it’s really done individually by program, the program staff, certainly not me,” says Janeen Ferro, Resource Director at Penquis, “but the program staff who work with the families, they work closely with them they know their individual circumstances and they know which families could benefit an could really use the passes the most.”For the lucky families who will recieve the passes, as well as all the people who attend this year’s fair, there’s a lot to see and quite a few new attractions. “Well starting right at the front gate our new admissions policy, $10 gets you in to see all the great shows, including the tigers, and an unlimited ride wristband each and every day of the fair and it just gets better and better.”As far a Penquis is concerned, they couldn’t be happier with the outcome. “We were just elated,” says Ferro, “when you see, certainly those beautiful tigers and the fair is just a long standing tradition in the community, who wouldn’t want to go to the fair and see all these marvelous animals and to think of all the families and children who wouldn’t otherwise have that opportunity who now will be able to experience all the wonderful things the fair has to offer.”