A Popular Treat is Back at Frank’s Bakery 

There’s a tasty treat back at Frank’s Bakery in Bangor that’s become a highly anticipated part of the summer for many local folks.As Meghan Hayward found out they’re leaving the shelves quite quickly.As soon as your walk through the doors at Frank’s Bakery in Bangor you are greeted with a delicious scent but these day’s there’s one item in the bakery that’s quite popular.”It seems to be a rite of summer. When your get the raspberries.”It’s the time of year when Bernadette Gaspar of Frank’s Bakery can barely keep up with the raspberries leaving the shelves.”People just love it. It’s a heavenly taste.”Bernadette has been making the raspberry tarts since the early nineties.And she’s gotten quite the reputation.”As the tart queen. I have a reputation as the tart queen.”Bernadette says she use to make them all on her own but as the demand for the tarts increased.She realized she needed help.Her tart princesses as she calls them.But she says even though it’s a lot of hard work nothing makes her happier than seeing a satisfied customer.”But you know what it is a lot of fun and we get people who come in from afar and it just feels good.”So what is it about Bernadette’s tarts take make them so popular?”Because I do not cook the filling, it’s thickened with an instant clear gel and sugar so it tastes like your just eating them off the bush but sweetened. But I think people just like that off the bush taste.”She’s been told several times the tarts are the best thing in the world.And if there’s any doubt sample yourself.But you better hurry up because they are going fast.