From Slaughter to Graceland 

It’s been two years since WABI TV5 News first reported on a family of horses in Maine that was saved from slaughter. Today the animals have new families, including a horse named Max that has become famous. Max has a new home in Memphis, Tennessee at the Graceland Stables. After learning about Max and how he was saved Pricsilla Presley contacted Carole Terese Naser of Palermo, Maine. Naser and a group of concerned Mainers rallied together back in 2007 to save Max and five of his family members from being shipped to a slaughter house in Canada. Naser independently investigates horse dealers that transport and or sells horses for slaughter. She says that while there are no numbers on how many horses from Maine are being shipped to Canada and Mexico each year there are about 1-hundred thousand American horses killed each year for the meat market. Currently, there is a bill before Congress that would outlaw horse slaughter, it’s called the Equine Cruelty Prevention Act. Perhaps the most famous advocate for the bill is Priscilla Presley. Presley and Naser encourage horse lovers to write to their congressional delegation urging the bill to be passed. The three other horses saved by Naser currently live in Virginia where Naser and Presley recently visited. Naser says they are pleased with where they are adding that it’s a magical feeling to be able to change the direction of the lives of these animals. For more information on the six horses saved log onto