Fishing 50 States in 50 Days 

A father son duo who embarked on quite the fishing expedition made a stop in Maine Tuesday.Jeff and Taylor Turner of Virginia are attempting to fish fifty states in fifty days, traveling in a RV.Tuesday they fished the Penobscot River with Kevin Travewski of Travewski Fishing Adventures.Tuesday is day number thirty-nine and state number forty-two on their expedition.Jeff Taylor says the inspiration for the adventure came from a John Eldredge book called Wild at Heart.Taylor says every page seemed to be telling him he was longing for an adventure.He decided to bring his 17-year old son along, knowing that their time together is quickly becoming measured.So how did Maine’s fishing compare to other states?” We had a miraculous day maybe in some people’s eyes. We caught 68 fish in just under four hours. Which the next closest state that even compares, we caught 50 in North Dakota. So the Penobscot blew it out of the park.”Taylor says they mostly caught small mouth bass.Their next stop is Massachusetts.