Woodman’s Bar & Grill’s Broccoli Ale Cheddar Soup 

Broccoli Ale Cheddar SoupIngredients:(Mirepoix)8oz. diced onion/celery½ lb. butterflour as needed2 quarts vegetables stockcarrotsbroccoli8 oz. beer1 ½ lbs. cheddar cheese1 teaspoon dry mustard1 tablespoon hot sauce1 tablespoon worcestershire1 teaspoon white pepper1 tablespoon salt1 quart heavy creamDirections:1.Steam broccoli and carrots for 1 minute.2.In a separate pot, heat vegetable stock. 3.In another pot, combine diced celery and onion, butter. Add flour gradually to thicken to make mirepoix. 4.Gradually add stock to mirepoix and whisk to make smooth.5.Add most of beer and bring to a slight boil.6.Add cheese slowly and whisk to make smooth.7.Add hot sauce, Worcestershire, salt and pepper.8.Mix rest of beer with dry mustard and add to soup.9.Add heavy cream.10.Add broccoli and carrots to soup. Gently stir to incorporate.11.Serve and enjoy!