Sunshine Attracts A Crowd At Aquatic Center 

Back to back sunny days have been a precious commodity this summer, especially for kids trying to enjoy what’s left of their summer vacations. so what was going through their minds when they awoke to sunshine again? “Well i just think that I get to ride my bike today and possibly I get to go to the lake,” said Gabrielle Mayo of Newburgh. 10-year-old Marissa Sutherland had similar thoughts, “I was thinking about going to the pool cause it’s sunny and warm.”That seemed to be the thoughts on a lot of young minds monday afternoon as dozens of kids lined up to get into the Pancoe Aquatic Center on 13th street here in Bangor.With temperatures topping out in the 80’s for the second consecutive day the aquatic center has certainly seen a rise in visitors. “We’ve been packed,” said Khara Bennett, pool supervisor at the Aquatic Center, “it’s been really busy here the past couple of days but it’s nice, it’s good to have people here at the pool and be able to do our job so.”Thanks to the sunshine, the parents are starting to see the difference of their kids demeanor, “Just their overall mood, we’re all having a great time,” says Tricia Drake of Orrington, with her two children, 8-year-old Jacob, and 6-year-old Jenna. “It’s nice to outside finally, I’m glad we came here today, it’s perfect.” The Drake’s are hopeful the weather stays nice for a few more weeks, just long enough for Jenna’s 7th birthday. Of course everyone here, including the staff at the Aquatic Center, is starting to get back into the groove of their normal summer vacation. “Well we actually get to wear tank tops,” says Bennett, “it’s not freezing or shaking cold, and it’s really fun to see the kids run around and have a good time and go down the slide and have all the families come out.”If the weather continues to get back to normal, the kids around here know, there is still a whole lot of summer left to enjoy.”We’ll probably go back to Bar Harbor,” says Drake, “Bar Harbor was just great yesterday, and we’ll spend as much time as we can outside.”