Jonesboro Bicentennial Celebration 

Despite the rainy weather folks in Jonesboro were out and about celebrating the town’s bicentennial.Meghan Hayward has the story.” We started about 18 months ago, started with a small group of people and in the last few months we’ve picked up another dozen to 15 people.”The committee may have started out small but the group put a lot of work in making sure the Jonesboro Bicentennial Celebration was a success.Something chairman of the committee Jim Varney says means a lot to the Jonesboro community.” It’s tremendously important it has brought so many people and brought so many people back together.”A pancake breakfast at The Scoop formerly the Whitehouse Restaurant kicked off the celebration.Owner Lorraine Proctor says they were happy to host the event.” This restaurant has a long tradition of serving great breakfast and we hadn’t done that for awhile so we decided this would be great time to do that.”Proctor says Jonesboro really needed a celebration like Saturdays.” I think it’s very important. It’s brought the community together, given everyone something to look forward to. And it was time for this little town to have something like that and 200 years is a great celebration.”It also gave local crafters a chance to show off their skills.And an important member of Jonesboro’s history even made an appearance at the crafts fair.” I am representing Samuel Watts. He fired the first shot during the Margaretta and mortally wounded the British officer.”Watts was one of the key figures during the Margaretta.A book was even made for the birthday celebration which provided all the history of Jonesboro.But what does Varney hope folks will get from the bicentennial celebration?” I think they get a feeling of pride and they’ll reflect back on the history.”