Hundreds Celebrate Penobscot River Revival 

Hundreds of people gathered on the banks of the Penobscot River in Bangor Saturday to celebrate its continued return to a healthy body of water. The Penobscot River Revival – now in its second year – is designed to mark the progress that’s been made in the river and focus on what the future holds for it, too. Years of work has helped restored the river to a place for people to fish, recreate and enjoy its beauty. The festival, put on by the Lower Penobscot Watershed Coalition, included a number of exhibitors, artists and researchers tied to the Penobscot.Gayle Zydlewski of the Lower Penobscot River Coalition says “The river is really the centerpiece of many of the communities around here. And its also our lives depend on the river and the water that’s associated with it and other things that come from it. So people that are here with their displays have different values associated with the river and the idea is to try to connect all of those things together for everyone.”As part of the festivities Saturday, folks had a chance to take a ride on the river and learn about fish and wildlife restoration efforts. More than 500 people turned out to take part in it all.