Dixmont Woman Selling All-Natural Bug Repellent 

A woman from Dixmont is selling her own, all-natural bug repellent.She says her Native American heritage inspired her to get back to nature and create a product that was good for people…and the earth.Amy Erickson has the story.”There’s lavender, lemongrass, citronella, thyme, a little basil, sage…”Carolyn Dodge says her homemade bug repellent is about as natural as you can get.She started mixing it up in her kitchen to try and fight off some of the pests that live near her woodsy home in Dixmont. “I knew how to do those things myself and why buy it if you can make it?””We’re in the middle of the woods, so it really needed to work quite well.”Dodge started giving the spray away, and people raved about it…so she started a company called “Conscious Possibilities” and now sells her products to the public.She also makes shower oil, pain salve, a dermatitis remedy…but so far, the bug repellent is the most popular.”The bug shield is a combination of herbs, oils, essential oils that are very effective against bugs.””I mix it up every year to keep confusing them so they can never adjust to it.”And it’s not just for humans…Dodge says it’s just as effective on dogs, cats…even horses.”A lot of people are amazed that they can use this on their pets. You just take 3 or 4 squirts of it, rub it on your hands and rub your pet down and he’s not gonna get bothered by the bugs.”Dodge says the products are catching on…she credits the recent interest in homeopathic healing and natural remedies.She says more Mainers are looking to be as all-natural as possible.”I think that’s what’s happening. They say these higher rates of disease like cancer and such.””A lot of people are starting to think ‘maybe it’s what I’m using, what I’m eating.’ They’re looking at the labels and saying ‘hmm, does that have chemicals in it, deet?’ They’re becoming more conscious of it.”Dodge’s products can also be used on pets.For more information, or to find out what stores carry the products, log on to