Broadcasters Remember 1969 Moon Landing 

Monday marks the 40-th anniversary of man’s first lunar landing.On July 20th, 1969, astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin made history.On that day, the entire staff here at WABI TV was gathered around a television set, watching along with the rest of the world.Veteran broadcaster George Hale and former WABI General Manager George Gonyar remember it well.Amy Erickson has the story. “Oh, my God. This was huge.””It was 1969 and it seems like yesterday to me.”George Hale still has vivid memories of seeing Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin make their historic trip to the moon some four decades ago.That’s Hale in the hat…”I remember that day. I’d been playing golf and I think they brought me back in for this.””The whole world came to a standstill but in our building here, it came to an absolute standstill.””To stand there and watch it live from the moon was surreal.”Hale and former TV5 General Manager George Gonyar shared their memories of the day that made history around the world.”Television was just getting out of its infancy just them. That was a big thing. And then to add this walk on the moon to that…to get to be able to see it? The combination of the two was something Americans just didn’t understand.”Gonyar says he watched with baited breath, worried for the astronauts’ safety.”You wondered whether those two guys would get back. That was a concern. It was to me. I wondered if they’d get stuck up there.””Walking on the moon, at that time, would be comparable to building a house on Mars today, wouldn’t it?”For those in the TV business, like Gonyar, it was a momentous occasion…one he’ll never forget.”To have a television set with sound, with color and the opportunity to see these guys do something most of us didn’t think was possible…was an event of all time.”Amy Erickson, WABI TV5 News, Bangor.