Penobscot River Project 

A cutting edge research project is going on on the banks of the Penobscot river that is attracting the attention of scientists around the world.A group from the nature conservancy is working on a project designed to ensure the long term health of the Penobscot River, as well as it’s inhabitants.”We’ll be removing some dams on the main stem of the Penobscot river and the PPL Corporation will be shifting hydro protection off the main stem of the river so we’ll be maintaining hydro production while restoring the river for fish and for fishing and for recreation for the Penobscot Indian Nation to regain it’s treaty reserve.”The Penobscot River Restoration Partnership is spear-heading the project that will show the condition of the Penobscot prior to the removal of three dams.Thursday afternoon a group of biologists used a technique called electro fishing.”Electro fishing is where you pass an electric current through the water from a unit that’s mounted on board temporarily stunning the fish, it’s a non-lethal method of fish sampling the fish can be put in a holding tank on board.”None of the fish are harmed during the process.After the three dams are successfully removed, the process will be done all over again to see how the removal of the dams effect the ecosystems.What the people here today are doing has attracted the eyes of scientists all over the world.”This is also gonna be a model for other river restoration projects around the world, there’s a group in China that is watching this project very closely we’re hoping this project we’re setting up in the Penobscot can be replicated around the planet.”