Girl From Corinth Makes Song for her Sister 

A girl from Corinth decided to show her baby sister how much she loves her.As Meghan Hayward tells us, it’s what she chose to do that makes it so unique.Seven-year old Amy Holman has a special bond with her baby sister.Amy wrote a song for her, called sisters forever. ” Sisters forever and never to part. I love you forever with all of my heart.””I knew she would like it. I just wanted her to listen to something everyday so that she’d be happy and laugh and just like the song.”Amy started out with a poem and decided she wanted to make a song.So she brought the poem to her father, Paul Holman.”I was excited that she was taking an interest in music and stuff. I wasn’t quite sure how we were going to do it, but I figured I would help her along and she would throw in some input and what not and then we’d try to make a song from it.”Paul is in his own band, and once his band members heard the words, they started putting beats to it.”It’s like a rock and roll song but with really cute lyrics and with her singing, it just kind of melts your heart.”Paul says he thinks the lyrics will stay true to Amy and Lindsey’s relationship.”I can just see them encouraging and supporting each other for the rest of their lives.”Amy says it only took about a day to put the song together.She even sang the song at her school and received a standing ovation.How did amy feel about that performance?”I felt kind of excited and nervous.”Amy says she wrote the song to let Lindsey know how much she loves her.What does she love most?”I like the way she laughs and I like the way we play together.”Amy doesn’t plan on stopping at one song. She says she’d like to record a whole CD.Maybe even collaborate with her sister someday.