REO Owners Bring Classic Cars to Bangor 

More than a dozen vintage cars were on display in Bangor Wednesday.Their owners came from as far away as California to take part in a unique event.Amy Erickson has more.<"this is a 1929 REO Flying Cloud."Jim Robbins of Searsmont says they just don't build them like this anymore.He's the proud owner of this REO..."they stopped building these in the mid 1930s and it's just a real fun car to drive. Spoke wheels, a regular 3-speed transmission.""my wife and I cruise around in it a lot, take the grandkids out for ice cream. That's a really fun thing to do."Robbins and other members of the REO Club of America met at the Cole Land Transportation Museum in Bangor on Wednesday.They're spending the week in Rockland for their annual convention.Museum Founder Galen Cole was happy to welcome the group, since he's an REO fan himself."they're one of a kind all the way. We have a few in our museum. Some of these have come from as far away as California to be here for this event.""some of the vehicles date back to 1904. That little 2-cylinder one tooling around here? That makes it 105 years old."The car's name has an interesting history.It was built by the man who started Oldsmobile...Ransom Eli Olds..."he got in a fight with the other owners and he left the company. He wanted to use the name and they wouldn't let him so he said 'you don't have a patent on my initials' and that's how he came up with REO."Stephen Bono's spent years restoring his REO to its original glory..."this was all in pieces when I got it. We put it all together. It was all in pieces."And how's this for storage space?The trunk is...well, an actual trunk!"that would be an early trunk."Bono says it's just one of the features that make these cars so appealing."they were just a good, well-built car."Amy Erickson, WABI TV5 News, Bangor.>