Unexpected Delivery at Blue Hill Farm 

A husband and wife who own an organic beef farm in Blue Hill got an unexpected and rare delivery this summer – twin calves. But the surprises didn’t stop there.John and Betty Tyler are the proud owners of Blue Hill Blondes, raising a rare type of beef cattle.”Blonde D’Aquitane. It’s a French breed that has been in this country since 1972. Most of the animals are up in Canada,” says John Tyler.”It’s just fun to watch them,” Betty says.This summer their rare breed started really beating the odds. “The twins were a surprise,” John says. It started when one of their pregnant females didn’t give birth when she should have. “She was late delivering and she was huge. We thought she was having an awful big critter and it turned out she was having two little critters.”Her sister was also pregnant…and when she gave birth, they couldn’t believe what they saw.”She was having a second one,” Betty says. Two sets of twin girls, all thanks to their 1900-pound bull, Stan.”He fathered two sets of twins this year,” she says, and laughs.The odds of even one set of twins are slim – they’re told between one and seven percent.”They dynamics are different when it’s twins, as opposed to one,” Betty says. “Twins pair up and play with each other – if it’s just one they stay with mom all the time.”It’s nothing new to the Tylers. Twins run in the family.”Our youngest children are twins – twin girls I might add,” John says.But, they say surprises are one of the best parts of having a farm.”Watching the evolution of what happens on a farm – it’s sort of interesting to see the variety of things that await you when you get up in the morning,” he says.