Some Kids in Bar Harbor Got A Whale Of A Lesson 

Some kids in Bar Harbor did a little reconstruction work today, piecing together the skeleton of a whale. They were surprised at how easy it was. “It was pretty easy. Once you got the whole thing up you knew that you could do it.”Eight-year-old Zachary Corson is talking about the the Bones, Baleen and Whale Ecology demonstration at the Dorr Museum in Bar Harbor.Children ages eight and up can assemble the skeleton of a 24-foot Minke whale. “I think this really enforces things they learn during the school year through repetition and re-emerging in a school-like atmosphere. And also being out here and being in a place that is not too structured.”Museum Educator Addams Samuel says it also encourages the children to think on their own. “I think it encourages students to do more things hands-on not just within the museum but also out in the wild.”Zachary says he enjoyed putting the whale skelton together.But what was his favorite part? “Well, I think it was the skull they did a good job with it.”Nine-year-old Catherine Ding says she’s never done anything like this before. “The bones, I’ve never seen that before.”Even though it was her first time Catherine says it was pretty easy. “Because we had a picture that we could look at.”And what does Samuel hope the children get out of the demonstration? “A better understanding of how to ask questions about what you do know and do not know and how to fill in those holes.”One thing’s for sure, the students were satisfied with their work. “I think it looks like a masterpiece.”