Robberies On the Rise In Bangor 

Bangor police are still searching for a man who robbed the Big Apple Store on State Street monday night. Police responded to the call around midnight late Monday night. Several officers arrived along with a K-9 unit. The area was searched but the suspect was not found. No weapons were used and the robber got away with an undisclosed amount of cash.Police are reviewing surveillance video from the store. Last nights robbery at the Big Apple is the 6th robbery reported in the past 2 weeks.That makes 17 reported already in 2009. There were 19 robberies reported in all of 2008.The Bangor Police department says there are a number of factors that have contributed to the spike in robberies. The rough economy is on the top of that list according to Sgt. Paul Evans. “Obviously since the economy kind of tanked last year we’ve seen an increase in these robbery calls, crimes against people, places, burglaries to homes, burglaries to motor vehicles have been way up this year,” says Evans, “so yeah we can blame the economic factors and probably other things also.”The suapect in last nights robbery at the Big Apple is described as, male, 5’9″ to 5’10”, medium build, wearing baggy clothing, a white hooded sweatshirt, and a white bandana on his face. Anyone with information is encouraged to call the Criminal Investigations Divisions at 947-7382.The Bangor Police would also like to pass on the following safety tips to help people avoid being the victims of a robbery.Avoid Walking Alone On The Street At Night· Use well-lit roads. · Walk near the curb – away from shrubbery where someone could be hiding. · Walk against traffic, so that cars cannot surprise you from behind. · Keep an arms length away from strangers. · If you think someone suspicious is approaching you or following you, cross to the other side of the street and head for the nearest public place. Don’t Make It Obvious That You’re In Unfamiliar Territory· Giving the appearance of not paying attention and not being alert is what suspects look for in a victim. · Stay sober enough to be able to take care of yourself. Criminals see drunken persons as easy prey. · Walk briskly and with confidence. At Night, Avoid Public Parks, Vacant Lots, Alleys and Areas With Excessive Trees and Bushes· Know which stores and other public places are open along your route. · Don’t hesitate to run back to where you came from to get help. · Look for anyone “hanging” around your car or your path to your car. · Have your keys in your hand and be ready to open the car door. What Should I Do If I am a Robbery Victim? · DO NOT PANIC — get a grip on yourself and stay calm. Take some deep breaths.· DO NOT RESIST — the robber wants your valuables, not you. “Things” can always be replaced … you can not.· OBEY THE ROBBER’S INSTRUCTIONS — listen closely to what the robber says and do not argue. Try to remember the exact words spoken by the robber as it may help with the police investigation.· BE ALERT — notice what is happening.· LOOK FOR DISTINGUISHING CHARACTERISTICS — look for things that can not be changed such as scars, marks, tattoos, limps, accents, etc.· WEAPONS — take careful note of any weapons. You will have to describe it later to the police. If the robber indicates that there is a weapon in his pocket, assume it is a gun. If the robber has a gun, assume it is loaded.· DESCRIPTION OF ROBBER — compare the robber to your own height and weight to estimate the size of your attacker.· COOPERATE WITH THE POLICE — if you are robbed, or see someone else being robbed, report it to the police immediately.