First Steps in Clam Ordinance 

About thirty clam harvesters gathered at the Hancock Town Office today.All with a common goal in mind, to create an ordinance among surrounding towns that would make it more difficult for people from other areas to dig their clams.The local clammers feel they’re being put out of business by out-of-towners.They say the increased number of clammers is also destroying the clam flats.At today’s meeting, clammers from Hancock, Sullivan, Sorrento, Franklin, Lamoine and Trenton dug in, to put a plan in motion.<"When the red tide's gone basically all our clams will be gone. So we want to manage what we have and better protect it.""We're still about a year away but their next step is to go to each of their town selectman and talk with them to help build these ordinances.""It's very important for this community and that goes from the local stores to everyone. If we're not making money they are not making money either."At today's meeting they selected a few people from each town to go before their Selectmen to take the plan to the next step.