Todd Curry Petitions for Visits Outside Facility 

Todd Curry shot and killed his girlfriend’s son in Palmyra three years ago. He’s been at a state psychiatric hospital for the past couple of years. Now he’ll be allowed to leave the grounds for supervised visits.According to testimony given Monday, Curry has made extraordinary progress in the past six months at Riverview Psychiatric Facility compared to his earlier behavior.In 2006, Curry shot and killed 13-year old Anthony Tucker during a domestic dispute. Curry pleaded not guilty by reason of mental disease or defect, claiming he heard a voice in his head saying he needed to kill someone in the house in order to save the world. In 2007, a judge ruled Curry was legally insane when he committed the crime and so wasn’t criminally responsible. Since then, he has been at the facility in Augusta.Monday, the court heard Curry’s request for supervised off-premise outings, starting in 2-hour blocks. His psychologist and the state forensic service testified that such activities, under the close watch of a staff member, are the logical course of action for people in his circumstance. Assistant Attorney General Lisa Marchese says that’s the purpose of these hearings. “It’s important to remember that when people are committed under an NCR to Riverview that the idea is rehabilitation, and going back into society. So this was an appropriate first step for that.”During testimony, a psychologist called the shooting, quote, “A horrible crime, occasioned by serious mental illness and heavy substance abuse.”They say Curry’s progress means he would benefit from gradual release into the community, noting that his father is supportive of him.Family members of Anthony Tucker were also in the courtroom today to watch the hearing. After Curry’s request was granted, Tucker’s uncle said, “That’s the process…what else can you say.”