Paul Bunyan Makeover Needs Communities Help 

The Paul Bunyan statue was introduced here in Bangor back in 1959 to help celebrate Bangor’s 125th anniversary. As time and weather have taken their toll, it became clear some major work was needed to restore the iconic landmark to its original form. “Paul was not feeling very well,” says Karl Ward, Presidetn and CEO of Nickerson & OD’ay Inc., and member of The Paul Bunyan Preservation Committee. “First of all he needed a makeup job, and lastly some vandals had taken, well one of things they had taken was his peavey, and the structural foundation here was in very tough shape,” says Ward.The Paul Bunyan Preservation Committee is a group of local businesses who have donated their time and money to restoring the Bangor landmark.”We wanted to commemorate it this year, in it’s 175th anniversary,” says Ward, “we have some serious structural issues we want to repair, besides, the original architect is still with us today. He’s in his 80’s, and we thought what a great thing to do if he could still be with us to see it restored to it’s former glory.”With the restoration just about finished, the committee still sits about $3000 short. Ward also says there is no shortage of people to thank for the top to bottom restoration. “Lane Construction did all the paving, and S&S Masonry did a wonderful job restoring the base, Modern Decorators and Jeanne Savoy of DaVinci Signs who repainted Paul and shaved him up to get him looking good.” With all the help they have already recieved, the giant undertaking is causing the committee to call on some other local businesses, as well as members of the community to help out in any way they can to get them over the hump. “Well what we’re looking for here is, even though some businesses have stepped up, we’re hoping that others can, and we’re also hoping that the everyday citizen of Bangor can step up. It doesn’t matter, we’ve had someone as young as the age of 4 painting Paul’s socks, so any contribution, 10$, 25$, 100$ would be helpful.”Anyone wishing to make a donation can mail it or drop it off at the Bangor Parks and Recreation Office, 647 Main Street in Bangor. Make checks payable to the City of Bangor, and make sure to write “Paul Bunyan Restoration” in the memo line.