History Comes Alive in Bangor 

History was brought alive today in Bangor.As Meghan Hayward tells us folks present learned a history lesson that will not be soon forgotten.The Mount Hope Cemetary in Bangor took a trip back in time Saturday.” This is the 175th anniversary of Bangor as a city and the 175th anniversary of Mount Hope Cemetary as a cemetary. We wanted to commemorate and do a rededication of the Civil War Monument that is here.”Bangor City Council Chairman Gerry Palmer says Bangor and the state of Maine paid a heavy price during the Civil War.He says they wanted to bring that event alive.An event that is important to to Bangor and surrounding residents.” Our history is all here in this cemetary and it’s a treasure for our community and other communities would be well served to have something like this.”David Gould of Winterport had the honor of being Hannibal Hamlin, a role he enjoyed playing.” We just kind of bring back a little bit of history for everyone. If nobody was willing to do that we’d just have modern speakers. It doesn’t have the same flavor.”Gould says he thinks the re-enactment will help more people understand the history.” It may capture their interest so they do a little more research and learn a little bit about Hannibal Hamlin, a unique vice president from the state of Maine.”Celeste Livengood of Orono was a spectator at Saturday’s events.” The rededication of the monument, there was a history that I didn’t know about and when they read the history it was very interesting.”Her son Michael Livengood also got to see everything firsthand.What was his favorite part?” The cannons. It was loud and stuff like that.”Palmer’s hope is that children like Michael who were present at Saturday’s events will return to the cemetary one day.” Really like them to do is go back to the trees that Lincoln and Hamlin planted. Young children that will be 50 to 60 years or older and say I remember when Lincoln and Hamlin planted those trees.”