Some Unique Art is Coming to Pittsfield 

The arts are coming to Pittsfield in a unique way.As Meghan Hayward tells us you just might be sitting on it.”I think it’s just a great idea. It will bring interest and hopefully a little excitement. People can go around and look at all the different chairs and brighten up the downtown.”This community art project is called “Getting Comfortable in Pittsfield.”Eighteen adirondack chairs were painted by local folks.Jean Bradshaw is one of the artists.She says it didn’t take her as long as she had expected to design her chair.”Over the course of two weeks I probably spent five days.”But Bradshaw says she did come across a challenge.”I normally work with water colors. So it was kind of outside the box for me to work with acrylics.”The chairs will be placed around Pittsfield all summer long.In the Fall they will be auctioned off by the Town Council, with the money going to help pay for new seats for the Pittsfield Community Theater.Artist Hazel Mitchell is happy about that.”I think it is good to give something back to the community and to bring the artists together, it was a nice thing to do.”Mitchell is amazed with the chairs.”I think there’s a real range of creativity.”The chairs were made by Walpole Woodworkers, which also donated some of them.Starting Saturday you’ll be able to see the chairs on display throughout Pittsfield.