Emergency Medical Takes Leap Forward in Belfast Area 

There’s a helipad at the local hospital. Which will save a lot of time in emergencies and could save lives.Chelsey Anderson reports.”You guys ready to go in and take a look? Okay! Here we go.”Folks turned out Friday morning to get up close and personal with the Life Flight helicopter and crew.”You want to try my helmet on sweetie? Okay. There.”Waldo County General Hospital recently received a 75-thousand dollar grant through the Life Flight Foundation for a helipad.Up to now Life Flight flew to Belfast’s Airport. From there patients were taken by ground ambulance to the hospital, adding an extra 15-to-30 minutes to their arrival. Support Services Director Gary Haslam says that will change.”Have them arrive and get them dispatched and out of there in about 12 minutes.”Bangor Base Manager and Flight Nurse, Sandy Benton says this is extremely beneficial to patients with trauma and cardiac issues.”They don’t have time. They don’t have a lot of extra minutes.” “A minute can make a difference in someone’s life, so 15 of those is huge. Now with a dedicated helipad in the community that’s going to make it a lot safer for everybody.”Benton appreciated the show of support from the hospital faculty and community. “They’re saying, we believe you should have access to healthcare and that’s really important to all of us. Because you never know when you’re going to be driving down in the community and need Waldo community and Life Flight of Maine.”