Winterport Man Restoring Historic Tugboat 

A piece of history is being restored to its original glory in Brewer.The railroad tug “Saturn” is one of only a handful of its kind left in the world.And as Amy Erickson tells us, a man from Winterport has his hands full giving it a makeover.<"it's a labor of love. you've gotta be foolish to do this."Foolish or not, Jon Johansen's not giving up on his prized posession.Back in 2002, he purchased this historic tug, called "saturn," from Maine Maritime Academy.At 102 years old, she has quite a history."she was built for the Reading Railroad company and what she would do is run coal barges and car floats across the Delaware or in New York.""she has the classic lines of a tug and there's not many of these left in the world today. There's only maybe a handful...maybe 5 of these tugs left."A tour of the "saturn" is pretty impressive...from the captain's the 15 ton engine that's as long as a pickup truck.Johansen is committed to restoring the Saturn to her original, 1907 glory.But it isn't easy."we're trying to get a good coat of paint on her from stem to stern, and unfortunately, i'm the only one doing most of the manual labor. It's therapeutic, but it's real dirty. One of the worst jobs you'll do."Johansen guesses it'll take about two years before he's done.Then he's hoping to share Saturn with the bringing it to museums up and down the East Coast."say somebody like maine maritime museum or there's a railroad museum in portland, the narrow gauge...or mystic seaport...or maybe take her to events.""we want to make it so it's an educational exhibit for anybody who wants to know what it was like to work on tugs."Amy Erickson, WABI TV5 News, Brewer.>