Neighbors Fight Flooding in Salisbury Cove 

Lots of folks are happy the rain has finally let up. But some neighbors in Salisbury Cove say their flooding problems came before – and will last after – this most recent rain.”You don’t forget about water problems. It just gets worse,” says Al Robbins.He says two of his neighbors across Norway Drive have dealt with water damage from flooding for years.”There’s a culvert that goes from that pond across Route 3 onto this lot, behind those people’s homes that’s having the problem,” he says.Folks had blocked up the DOT culvert with a boat mooring to stay dry. But last week, workers cleared the block and water from the pond rushed back through the culvert to their homes.”I could see that water go down by inches, more than inches. It just went down,” Robbins says, gesturing to the pond from his property. “Then of course, these people were the recipients of all the water.”Bar Harbor Public Works Director Chip Reeves says, “We’re trying to work with DOT to come up with a solution. I’ve been in contact with the regional manager to discuss this.”He says the DOT used to maintain a drainage area behind the homes, but not anymore. Now, they don’t know who’s responsible.”We’re trying to look back through town records to see if it belongs to the town and we can’t find anything,” Reeves says. “We’re not allowed to spend taxpayer money on private property, so we’re trying to establish whose that is.”Reeves says he feels terrible for the homeowners, but right now, his hands are tied. Meanwhile, Robbins says his neighbors can’t take any more flooding.”It’s like they just said if we let it drag on, maybe they’ll forget about it. That doesn’t happen,” Robbins says.”Hopefully the three – the property owners, the DOT and the town – can come up with some sort of solution,” Reeves says.