Cooking Shortcuts to Make Weight Loss Easier 

Preparing meals at home aids in weight loss because there’s nosurprises. You know exactly what you’re eating and how it wasprepared. Contrary to popular belief cooking meals at home doesn’thave to take a lot of time. Jackie Conn from Weight Watchers sharessome cooking shortcuts to help you cut time AND calories. For quick jambalaya. Stir-fry salad-size shrimp, diced low-fatItalian sausage and chopped bell pepper. Combine with a cookedCajun-style rice mix until well blended.One-dish pasta entrées. Make simple family meals. Add chopped broccoliand diced lean ham to a cooked reduced-fat macaroni-and-cheese mix.Make a vegetarian version with chopped fresh tomatoes and lightlysteamed asparagus tips.Feed a crowd with a wild rice-turkey casserole: Stir-fry leftoverturkey breast, chopped broccoli and dried cranberries: combine with acooked wild-rice mix.Go vegetarian with black bean burritos. Stir-fry diced onions andcombine them with canned black beans (rinsed and drained) and a cookedrice mix. Layer down the center of tortillas, top with salsa andlow-fat shredded cheddar cheese, roll up, and bake until heatedthrough and the tortillas are slightly browned.Add a dash of lime juice, hot sauce and a cup of chopped cookedchicken breast to canned chicken soup. Sprinkle with cilantro andyou’ve got hot-and-sour soup. in a jiffy. Slice and arrange store-bought, precooked polenta. In a 9-inch squarepan top polenta with soy-based chorizo and a little tomato sauce. Bake until just heated through.