An Animal Shelter in Cherryfield is Struggling Financial 

The Ark Animal Shelter in Cherryfield is struggling financially.As Meghan Hayward tells us, the folks who run it are finding new ways to raise money.”The economic status has made it so a lot of people have to surrender their animals because they’re getting evicted, losing their jobs. They can’t afford to get their own day-to-day basic needs and the pets unfortunately are suffering.”Shelter Manager Lorna Konyak says she’s seen an increase in the number of animals being brought in, but unfortunately, a decrease in donations.”They’re now giving donations, a ten dollar one might only be 5 dollars now, and a 50 dollar one might be down to 20 dollars.”Konyak says it’s putting a huge financial burden on the shelter.”Because we still want to give our pets the level of care we’ve been giving them and stay open, but if we don’t get financial aid, we could very easily close from a year to a year and a half.”Konyak says they’re trying new things to help bring in extra money.”We recently started up a thrift shop that is going to be in Blue Hill and that should bring in some revenue.”They’ve also reduced expenses.”We have cut back on a lot of items that we use on a daily basis, more frugal about making sure we measure all our bleach and disinfectant products cutting back on the use of paper towel, trash.”Konyak worries about what would happen to the animals if the shelter closed. She says local folks would have no place to bring them.”They’ll end up abandoning their pets, which will mean there will be a lot animals in the streets and around the barrens, where they will probably succumb to the wildlife.”But Konyak says she isn’t giving up and will continue to operate for as long as she can, with the best interests of the animals in mind.