Rainfall Impacting The Coastal Economy 

The recent rainy weather seems to have had an impact on just about every outdoor business and the tourism industry in Bar Harbor is no different. The restaurants and gift shops are just some of the industries that depend on good summer weather. David Paine, owner of Jordan’s Restaurant on Cottage Street says they’re hanging in there despite the soggy weather. “I would say that our business is down slightly,” Paine says, “we don’t get effected by it as much as the boating business or the campground business or the golf course business. Those are down quite a lot more I think.”Over at Geddy’s Restaurant and Gift Shop, owner Heather Davis says she thinks the slow down in business isn’t due only to the rain. “We find that some people may buy one tee shirt in the gift shop instead of three, so I’m not really sure it’s the weather, I think it’s more the economy,” davis says.Many of the regular visitors here have noticed a decrease in foot traffic, and the gloomy weather has also not gone unnoticed. Pat Jencks of Surrey has been vacationing here for many years and doesn’t remember a year where the rain has been this bad. “Hideous, just hideous,” says Jencks, “it’s really bad for the boats it’s hard for all the recreational activities, they’re really hit hard by it.”For those people who make their living in the boating business, they think a few weeks of sunshine could turn it all around. “Sunny days, people are basically fair weather people,” says Steve Dugay, the owner at Aquaterra Adventures, “they’re kind of tired of the rain, when the sun pops out our business just goes crazy, absolutely crazy. The other day we had nobody on the one 1:00 trip, then the sun popped out they literally came out of the fog so we’ll take it either way.”