Antique Car and Airplane Show Attracts a Crowd 

On a day when most people were just happy to see the sun, folks who journeyed to owls head were treated to much more. The Fabulous 50’s and Sensational 60’s car and antique airplane was in full swing at the Owl’s Head Transportation Museum.For those who brought their cars to the show it was a chance to talk about their prized possesions. “It’s a ’65 corvette, small block v-8, pretty much original except for the wheels and tires, it’s only got fifty thousand miles on it,” said Dave Currie standing next to his mint condition Corvette.Just about every car on display had a story but a 1956 Chevy Bel Air had possibly the most interesting tale. Norma Turner of Waldoboro says she and her husband previously owned the blue and white antique. After selling the car they would repeatedly see it at car shows all over New England. Then Turner says she awoke on her annversary to a big surprise. “My husband had been saving money up and unexpectedly and surprisingly he bought me this for my anniversary…I didn’t think we would ever have it back again, it brings back memories.Some of the car owners even knew the history of their vehicles dating all the way back to the original owners. Dan Francis of Cape Elizabeth knew all about his antique automobile. “The woman that bought it originally ordered it from the factory with a 352 engine in it, she bought power steering and a clock that was basically all the options she got.”For the many spectators who were treated to an afternoon of beautifully restored cars, they shared one similar thought…they don’t make them like they used to.”You know it’s not like the new cars,” said Robert Campagna of Madawaska, standing alongside his wife Cheryl. “The technology isn’t there but the old cars have their place, you know what I’m saying, they’ll always have their place.”