Brooks Train Reopens 

It’s being called the little engine that could.Tomorrow, a train that’s part of the Belfast and Moosehead Lake Railway will take to the tracks in Brooks for the first time in years.As Meghan Hayward reports, it’s thanks to a lot of hard work. Finishing touches on the former Belfast and Moosehead Lake Railroad train were being made in Brooks Friday for its July Fourth ride on the tracks.What can those on board expect?”To see the scenery of Waldo County. See some of the back woods. There’s a beautiful bog and mountains down here. How beautiful does a bog get and just to experience ride a train it’s a rarity.”It’s been five years since the train has run through Brooks.A lot of work has gone into getting it running again, thanks to the Brooks Preservation Society and many volunteers.”Doing a lot of track work, working on the station. Did some re-roofing, carpenter work. Working on the cars fixing and repairing. And working on the locomotives to keep them up.”Hard work that’s bringing something important back to the community.”It’s significant because it’s a piece of the community’s history. Railroads are always integral parts of communities and that’s what we want to have happen here.”Something the community and volunteers are glad to have back.”Excited to hear the train’s horns in town. To see the station painted and restored. Just to see activity.”The train will travel from Brooks to Waldo on weekends until the beginning of October.There will also be special train events folks can take part in.A train that is part of something cemented in history.” I think it’s the sixth oldest continuously running railroads in the country.”For more information on those special events or ticket prices you can go to their Web site