Swimming Safety Tips 

With the holiday weekend coming up, and despite the rainy forecast, many folks may be anxious to get into the water.As Meghan Hayward tells us, there are a few rules to follow that will keep you safe while swimming.The recent lack of sun is not keeping kids out of the pool.Folks at the Pancoe pool in Bangor are giving parents some important safety tips.”Be very aware of your child’s ability. Certainly one of the things we find here is that sometimes folks come here and they’re not entirely sure or aware of their child’s swimming ability and that’s important.”And what do the staff at the Pancoe pool look out for?”To keep areas well supervised. They’re also watching how different kids do swim. Certainly they’re keenly aware of their ability and if they see a certain child struggling they’ll address that as quickly as possible.”There is a big misconception seen frequently at the pool.”One of the things that gets misunderstood sometimes is articles like swim aids or inflatables act as life saving devices and that is not the case.”At Pancoe, only Coast Guard approved life jackets are allowed.Pool Supervisor Khara Bennett says it’s important to get the right fit and size.”You want to make sure that it covers the whole torso. You don’t want it too short or too long where it’s going to inhibit their ability to swim.”Bennett says it’s also important to make sure the life jacket is tight enough.”You want to make sure that when they get in the water, it’s going to stay in place.”Bennett says as long as parents and children follow basic safety rules, they should be able to have a splash.SplashingOf fun.