Kids Learning To Do It Themselves 

A group of children have been busy in Bangor this week learning some very useful skills. It’s “Do it Yourself” week at the Maine Discovery Museum and kids from all over the area are learning to make the things they ordinarily would have to go to the store to buy.”It’s all lots of fun things they see everyday,” says Jennifer Chiarell, Marketing Director at the museum, “they’re really looking at how and what they can use for ingredients that they either have at home or are recycled ingredients to make their own stuff.”The campers range from 1st graders to 3rd graders and have been learning how to make everything from birdfeeders to clothing. On their agenda for today, they’re learning how to bake their own bread from scratch at Friars Bakehouse in Bangor. Most of these kids, like Ethan Winston of Brewer, had never handled dough before. “It felt really sticky like a marshmallow,” Winston said.Up next for the campers, a trip to Flannery Brothers recording studio where, they recieved an extensive and entertaining tutorial from Dan Flannery, co-owner of the studio. Flannery explained all about the process of making music. The session concluded with the kids actually helping to record their own children’s song.”The kids are amazed,” says Chiarell, “I think because it’s so different from the typical classroom experience. They are getting a whole world of fun right here at the museum, plus it’s right here at the museum so they get some outdoor fun as well.”For the kids who are fortunate enough to attend this week, it’s been a unique, hands on learning experience they may not soon forget, and that goes for the staffers as well.”These are kids who are here all week so it’s kind of cool to get to see them and talk to them more than once,” Chiarell says, “and to see the whole transition and the growth of the whole week from being shy on monday to whoa! this was so totally awesome on friday.”Some of the kids, like Emily Smith of Hermon, still have a few more things to learn before the week is done,”I’m looking forward to today or tomorrow we’re going to be making our own gum.”