Quilt Raising Money for Civil Air Patrol 

There will be many patriotic displays during 4th of July celebrations this weekend. A red, white and blue quilt in Brewer will also be helping to raise money for some patriotic young adults.Deborah Norton owns the sewing and quilting shop, A Straight Stitch, in Brewer. When her son Robert joined the Civil Air Patrol this year, she had an idea.”So I asked the girls if they’d mind if I finished the quilt and gave it to Civil Air Patrol to help fund some of their programs,” Norton says.She says she’s seen the difference the Air Force base program makes for young men and women.”I like to clean my room now, which is surprising,” says her son Robert, smiling.”I’m not as immature as I used to be,” says James Culp, a fellow Civil Air Patrol member. “I take responsibility for things I do. Civil Air Patrol has helped me out a lot with that.”Norton is selling raffle tickets at a dollar a piece for the quilt. Its estimated value is 900 dollars – that’s how much she wants to raise.”I was very pleased, very tickled that she thought the program has impacted her and her son. And that she was willing to do something so generous for the unit,” says Capt. Cathie Spaulding. Spaulding says cadet programs teach about aerospace, while encouraging respect, discipline and other life skills.”Physical training. I do a lot of push-ups, sit-ups and I run a mile,” says Zachary Baker, of his favorite part of Civil Air Patrol.”I’ve learned a lot about aerospace, planes and rockets,” says Cassandra Bortell.”It’s a really building block of life,” Culp says.The quilt will be on display during the 4th of July parade in Brewer. Tickets are also on sale at Norton’s shop on North Main Street in Brewer until July 8th.”The more revenue we are able to generate, the more we can do for the individual cadets to attend different things, like their encampments and flight academies,” Spaulding says.”I’m so proud of my son and what he’s done, and I’m so proud of these other kids,” Norton says.