Four Dogs Journey From Kuwait To Bangor 

The Bangor Humane Society is known for taking in abandoned and unwanted pets from all over the area. However recently they took in four dogs who made quite a journey: all the way from Kuwait.One of the volunteers at the Bangor Humane Society heard from her sister, who worked in a dog shelter in Kuwait, that they had dogs that were in desperate need of adoption”They underwent a quarantine in Kuwait, and again in the United States, they’ve received all their shots, and have been spayed or neutered before coming to the us,” says Suzan Bell the Executive Director at The Bangor Humane Society.Bell says the dogs are in good condition, considering their journey, and now the only thing left for these dogs is just to be adopted. “They’re in tip-top shape, they’re beautiful pets, they came from a really desperate situation, I know they’ll find wonderful homes in the community.”In addition to the dogs from the Persian Gulf Bell says they have other dogs from this area that are looking for good homes. The cost of adopting a dog from the humane society generally runs between $50 and $180,(for puppies), and the price includes all the shots and the dogs are spayed or neutered.Bell says she’s not sure if they’ll be taking on anymore dogs from Kuwait, that will depend on how much room they have here in Bangor. However she is more than happy to help these, or any other dog a good home.These dogs needed to come here and we’re fortunate to have them here and I know they, along with all our other dogs will find good homes.”