Change of Command Ceremony at Jonesport Coast Guard Station 

The Coast Guard Station in Jonesport is seeing a big change.As Meghan Hayward tells us, there are some big shoes to fill.Members of the Coast Guard Station in Jonesport stood at attention as their new and former commanders made their way in.Gregory Teagle has been the commander at the Jonesport station since 2005.”So, he’s been very great. Good resource for education and teaching us how to do our everyday jobs and save lives.””He’s helped a lot of us become just better people. Better assets to the coast guard for him.”Morris says she’s always felt confident working under Commander Teagle.”He’s understanding, he’s patient. And i think that has a lot to do with how successful he’s been.”At Wednesday’s Change of Command Ceremony, the hard work of Teagle and his unit did not go unrecognized.”To me nothing defines the Coast Guard more than a small boat station and stations like this are the life blood of our service and represent diversity, dedication, and professional values of the modern Coast Guard.”While Commander Teagle is not originally from downeast Maine, he says it didn’t take long to feel like a member of the Jonesport community.Teagle says he has no doubt the new commander will feel the same way in no time.”Senior Chief Purdy, Andrea, Zack and Ashten welcome to Jonesport. I have no doubt that your transition and success will be smooth and assured if not for the support of your fellow Coasties but for the support of this fine community.”And with that, the Change of Command was made.Changing of command.Commander Christopher Purdy says he’s excited and ready to take on the new job.”Believe me, I won’t let the community down. You know where I live. All you have to do is come get me.”