Newport Man In Need of a Kidney Donor 

A Newport man is playing a very real game of life, fighting to win for his children.He needs a new kidney to make that happen.”It changes everything. You can’t travel distances, you can’t go on long trips. Physically you’re restrained.”For frank Fascione, his 2005 lupus diagnosis has forced him to live his life differently.He wakes up not knowing if it’s going to be a bad or good day.”You wake up and your stomach feels good, you feel alright. You feel like doing stuff, you feel motivated.”Frank is a husband and also a father to 2-year old Olivia and 9-year old Angelo.Even though it’s recommended he not be on his feet for more than 15 minutes at a time, he tries to live as normal a life as he can.”We do everything everyone else is doing. Play video games. With my condition, I don’t let it stop me. We’ll play in the woods, practice baseball.”Lupus is an autoimminue disorder. In frank’s case, it’s caused his body to attack its own internal organs.A never-ending struggle that Frank says he could not get through if it wasn’t for his wife.”We’re married and it’s for better or for worse. Healthy and in good times and bad times and that’s what it is. And if the roles were reversed, Frank would be there for me.”Angela says the whole process has made them a stronger family.”We work hard for what we have and we try to keep it as happy as we can for our kids.”Something that has been a struggle for 9-year old Angelo.”We use to do a lot with each other and now we’re not doing as much because of his leg and the catheter, he can’t really do that much.”Frank has dialysis three-days a week, which is buying him time, but what he really needs is a suitable kidney donor.”I hope that this happens for us. You see a lot of people that are sick and it’s just not right.””If not for me somebody else great. I know what it’s like having children and needing a kidney.”If you are interested in seeing if you’re a kidney match for Frank Fascione.You can contact the Maine Transplant Program at Maine Medical Center in Portland at 662-7180.