Wind Energy For Islanders 

Renewable energy is a topic the entire country has been focused on recently…Mainers are already taking steps toward becoming energy independent – by installing wind turbines on several sites throughout the state…Folks on Vinalhaven and North Haven are getting closer everyday to reaping the rewards of renewable energy….”People are willing to do anything to bring the price of electricity down. And the two islands doing something together is a really good thing.” says Nancy Hopkins-Davisson, a resident of North Haven.Vinalhaven and North Haven will soon be getting their energy in a much greener way. Three wind turbines are being installed on Vinalhaven. Folks on the islands are excited about the turbines going up and their energy bills going down.”They pay about three times the national average for electricity and about twice the New England average and the communities have come together around this project at an extraordinary level of support. 98 percent of the people voted for this project last summer.” explains George Baker, CEO of Fox Island Wind.”This will produce virtually all the power that we use on the island year round. We’ll send some back to the mainland in the winter and will buy some in the summer, but we’ll be virtually energy self-sufficient.” says Chellie Pingeree, a member of Congress.Peter Vigue, of Cianbro, says this project is not only important to the island – but also to the state.”We believe it’s the future for energy in this region and this neighborhood and will become a major industry in years to come.”Vigue says this project costs about 13 million dollars, and it’s created about 45 jobs.Construction has already started on the site. They expect to have the turbines up and producing power by November.”We’re doing something to get a little off our dependence of oil. And I think everybody wants that.” adds Hopkins-Davisson.Part of the funding for this wind turbine project came from Diversified Communications, the company that owns WABI. Diversified invested almost five million dollars in the project.