Seniors Honored in Bangor 

Somewhere in the neighborhood of 100 people packed the All Souls Congregational Church in Bangor monday to honor some very special seniors from around the area. The third annual George Hale Silver Frame awards were handed out to six people from three different age groups who remain active members of their communites. George Hale was on hand to hand out the awards. “I’m in awe of the people who won the awards, they call it the George Hale award but let me tell you something,” Hale says, “it could be called their award because these are people that just absolutely refuse to let time stand still.”Lawrence Sherwood of Holden was one of the award recipients, and he hasn’t slowed down one bit, maintaining a more active schedule than people half his age.”I do stay active,” Shewood explains, “28 years in the navy, still climbing towers, spend four days a week in belfast stepping sailboats, which is getting to be hard work, and I’m in a number of organizations. I just keep on going and going.”All of those honored today have similar stories. Noelle Merrill is the executive director at the Eastern Area Agency on Aging and she sees first hand how beneficial it is for people to remain active.”At our agency we have a motto. age well, live well and we think its important to make sure that people understand that they are responsible for part of their own health,” she says.The one thing all the award recipients have in common is there uncanny ability to serve as role models for everyone they encounter, regardless of their age.”They’re a great example of it’s either use it or lose it,” Hale says of the award winners, “I mean someone said here today if you sit in a chair long enough you become part of the chair. People who get up and get moving and contribute to their communities and do good things, and keep their bodies in shape, these are the people that set a great example and they deserve all the accolades they have.”