New History for Milo Pub 

Valerie Robertson had Hobnobber’s Pub in Milo up and running for just three weeks when it was destroyed by a huge downtown fire last year.Now she’s in a new location, and she says, it’s time for a new history.”We’re going to start building the bar over there,” Robertson says, pointing through what will be a dining room. “I’ve picked out my color palette.”She’s starting over in what used to be the Milo Community Hospital – it’s a place known for new beginnings.”All people ever say when you mention this hospital building is, ‘I was born there!'” she says.Tammy Vail and Patty Estes heard the building was available when they were looking for a location for a new salon.”It was in really good shape but it was a lot larger than what the two of us needed,” Vail says.They had worked with Robertson at the pub before the fire and knew she would be on board.”We all worked together as a team,” Estes says. “The community was really turning out for us. We had a packed house the night before the fire.””All of a sudden it just clicked. We’ve got a connection to this building, as does anybody who’s lived their lives in Milo,” Robertson says.The women are keeping a few pieces from the hospital building’s past through the renovations, but are looking forward to a new start.”Oh, it’s going to be great,” Vail says, “I can’t wait.”There will be a salon called “Hospitality” Hair and Nails, and Hobnobber’s Pub, with a new slogan – “Good For What ‘Ales’ You.””We’re recycling as much as we can, both for economic reasons and for sentimental ones,” Robertson says.They say the community has been overwhelmingly supportive, and lots of people are pitching in to get the businesses going.”We’re anxious to get started and move on,” Estes says.”The fact that we can be here, in business, in our 50s, just seems like a natural circle of life,” Robertson says.She says she already has a party booked for the pub in September, so she’ll be open before then.The salon should be open for business within a few weeks.