Mainers Caught in Uprising 

60 members of a Bangor church who are currently in Honduras are safe following a military coup in that country.The group is affiliated with All Souls Congregational church.The adults and youths are on a volunteer mission.Both Maine Senators say they’re in contact with the state department as well as the U.S. embassy in Honduras, and will do everything possible to ensure the safety of the Mainers.On Sunday, the Honduran army ousted president Manuel Zelaya, and flew him to Costa Rica, where he is now in exile.Shortly before the coup d’etat, Zelaya held a controversial referendum on constitutional reform opposed by most of the Honduran government.Reverend James Haddix is the pastor of All Souls Congregational church, and is leading the church mission in Honduras.He’s spoken to Reverend Bob Carlson, reporting that everyone in his group is safe.Senator Olympia Snowe says her first priority is to ensure the mainers current security as well as their ability to leave the country safely, should it become necessary.