Soldiers Escorted Out Of Dexter 

It was a day full of emotions for family members and friends of the 619th Transportation Company.They gathered in Dexter, Corinna and Auburn to say their good-byes and show support.Family and friends gathered at the Dexter Army Reserve Center to send off the 619th Transportation Company and show their support.”It is wonderful last time when we left in ’03 we had no support. It was short notice so there was no support. But this is a crowd and wait till you see the road.”Sergeant Thomas Keuspert says everyone’s support means a lot to him and his fellow soldiers.”Very much important. It shows we are at least appreciated for what we’re doing.”The unit is heading to Fort Dix in New Jersey for training and will then head to Iraq.While in Iraq the unit will conduct route clearance and provide security for coalition forces.Besides his family, what will Sergeant Keuspert miss the most?”Me myself will miss the most is the colors. It’s very dreary over there. You notice it a lot when you come home.”RYAN CAHILL AND MATT GUIOD DON’T ACTUALLY HAVE FAMILY MEMBERS LEAVING BUT THEY ARE FRIENDS WITH THE MCALPINE FAMILY…SHAWN MCALPINE IS AMONG THE SOLDIERS DEPLOYING TO IRAQ.”I’m proud to know the soldiers but it’s upsetting to know they may not come back.””Just to show how special our troops are and what they do for our country.”Maranda McAlpine stayed closed beside her dad up to the last minute she had with him.She says she is proud of her dad.”It’s really exciting but it’s scary when he leaves.”And what was it like for Specialist Shawn McAlpine to have all these people there to support him.”It’s a good feeling.”And all those supporters lined the streets to join the police and fire escort out of Dexter as they waved on members of the 619th Transportation Company.